Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Civic Duty

So on Tuesday was my very first day of jury duty. Exciting! I got up really early to go to the court house. I had to be there by 8:15. I got to there just a few minutes before 8. Did you know that the court house doesn't open until 8? Well, I didn't. So I had to wait until it was open to go in. When I finally went in I went through the medal detectors (My feet didn't go off! sad.) and then I went up stairs to report. I got a badge and sat down to watch the movie they were playing. (It was Remember the Titans) Then court started an hour late. And the judge kept forgetting what she was talking about. I got let go because my dad is a cop. And I got let go just in time to make it to the airport to see Danny come home! What a great day! LOL! (sorry I don't have a picture for this one)

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