Friday, October 10, 2008

Alcatraz Island

On our honeymoon we went to Alcatraz Island. It was really cool. It was one of my favorite things of the whole trip! This picture is the view from the boat as we were on our way over to the island.

This is me and Seth just as we were getting to the island, before we got off the boat. It was very cold and hard to take this picture. Being on the water didn't help. Those are some of the old buildings behind us.

I just thought this picture was cool. I took while we were walking through the island... I liked it! LOL!

We took an audio tour of the cell house. It took you through the whole place and told you everything. It was very interesting, and also kinda creepy. Seth is in one of the cells. Just a normal cell. They were small and didn't have much to them.

This is a calender thing they had in the office at the prison. It had the exact date and day of our wedding. Saturday August 9th! It was pretty cool so I took a picture of it! (I think they changed it because they knew we were coming! LOL)
Well, that is my story of Alcatraz. We learned a lot and had so much fun! I recommend that if you go to San Fransisco, you should go to Alcatraz!

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