Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Modern Modesty

   It is very hard to teach my daughter about modesty in this increasingly immodest world. Even most of the cartoons these days are less modest than they used to be. I know my daughter is only two. But it is still hard to find modest clothing for her. Shorts are often very short and most dresses have no sleeves. 
    I think one of the hardest thing to fight is the media. Movies, television, adds, magazines, and supposedly artsy pictures. All of these make girls think that it is ok to show off your body. Even when searching some sites for a "modest gown" it would not be able to be worn after one has gone through the temple. But yet, it is considered modest? 
   When I was young, my mother taught me very well about modesty. When it came time fore me to go through the temple and in turn go through my clothes, I did not need to get rid of very much. (A few shirts where the sleeves were a little short). But looking at the wardrobe of a lot of today's young women, I know they will have to get rid of most of their wardrobe. Why is this logical? 
   The answer is simple, it's not. There is a song that I sang in young woman's that should always be our guide. If the Savior Stood Beside Me. Some of the lyrics; "If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?" This includes what you wear. Think about it, would you really feel comfortable sitting at the saviors feet in really short shorts and a tank top? Or in a short dress? No? Then you shouldn't be wearing it at all. More of the lyrics of the song; "He is always near me, though I do not see Him there."  So by this logic, you should never feel comfortable wearing inmodest clothing. 
   I know that I cannot change the media or what is being sold in stores, but I can help my daughter understand how the be modern and modest. I can help her have the values, and the wardrobe that she will need to enter the temple. It is my hope that other mothers will do the same with their young girls. Also that all young women will stive to follow the modesty standards set forth by the church. "Immodest clothing is any clothing that is tight, sheer, or revealing in any other manner. Young women should avoid short shorts and short skirts, shirts that do not cover the stomach, and clothing that does not cover the shoulders or is low-cut in the front or the back." (For The Strength of Youth.)  If you follow these standards you will be blessed. Never lower your standards. "Never lower your standards of dress. Do not use a special occasion as an excuse to be immodest. When you dress immodestly, you send a message that is contrary to your identity as a son or daughter of God. You also send the message that you are using your body to get attention and approval." (For the strength of youth) 
   I am not an eloquent writer by any standard. And I write this knowing that not many will see it. But it is my hope that it will at least touch one life. 

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