Sunday, August 10, 2014

Babying my Baby

  Some may say I baby my little girl. But she is only two and, I think, is still my baby. Is it wrong to rock her to sleep? Cuddle in my bed with her? Still give her a bink? Is it wrong to enjoy the little things, before they go away? 
  I say it's not. You know you are always told as a new mother "it goes by so quickly" or "enjoy if while it lasts" But how many if us really stop and look and your little ones and enjoy it? How many of us try too look past the late nights, tantrums, potty training, picky eating, or whatever else they decide to throw at us? Can we? 
   I have been trying so hard to look past the "hard part" and enjoy my time with my daughter. Soon it will all be over. Soon she will be too big to sit on my lap or too old to hold my hand. Soon she will be embarrassed by me in front of her friends. And all too soon, she won't be a baby anymore. Of course she will always be my baby. But too soon, the the blbk of an eye, she will have babies of her own. 
   I chalenge anyone who reads this, if anyone will, to enjoy the little time you have. Make every moment count with them. Try not to yell at the little mistakes they made, but help them learn. Try to not tell them to grow up, cause one day you will wish they were young once more. Love them. And go ahead, baby your baby! 

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