Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey, Time with family, and Trucks?

So Thanksgiving was fun. the usual Westover stuff. Games, food, people crying, people laughing, firetrucks? Hmmm... thats right I said firetrucks! Our thanksgiving dinner satrted out with firetrucks. We had dinner at the church. and for those of you who dont know you are only supposed to warm not cook food at the chuch. So the oven was turned on to keep the turkey warm. Well, I guess there was a bunch of crumbs in the oven and it started smoking. Which incedentaly set the fire alam off. So we had not one, but two, fire trucks come to our dinner. We had to stand out in the cold until they cleared the building. Well, after all that... we had a pretty normal night. We played the dice game, money game, and human bowling. We had a blast and too much to eat. I hope your thanksgiving was just as fun as mine! (it you were at the same one as me then... it was!) I hope you enjoy my pictures, 'cause I sure do!

*Please note the picture of the aunts hinding the corner when the trucks arrived!

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Jen said...

How funny! Besides that it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love getting together with extended family.