Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surprise Surgery

So on Tuesday I woke up thinking of all the stuff I had to get done before Seth came home. But then I had this horrible pain in my abdomen. I could hardly walk. I called Emily and asked where the appendix was and I she said she would google it. Well she said I should go see Franklin and the fastest person who could take me was Evan. Little did we both know we would be spending the rest of the day at the hospital. I was told it was my appendix and that it had to come out. I was sent to surgery and then I had to wait until 7 to have my surgery. It was a hard day cause Seth was coming home that night and my mom was out of town. But everything went fine. Seth came home and he made it to the hospital at around midnight. But this is not how I wanted my vacation to go. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who was very helpful and loving during my hard time!

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Julie Randall said...

Glad it wasn't a baby....weird, part of your dream came true.