Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oohrah! It's a Marine thang!

So Seth is officailly a Marine now! He has campleted Marine Corp Recruit Traning. I couldn't be prouder of him! So we went down to the grauation and picked up seth. It was to most amazing thing ever! If you ever have the chance to experiance a Marine Corp Gradruation, do it. I can never put it into words the experiance.
Well, the whole trip wasn't great! It all started with me and my mom thinkinking it would be a good idea to drive down by ourselves. We drove the first day to Las Vegas. We left at like 8:30. We drove for a while. We made a lot of bathroom stops. And when we go to Draper we thought maybe we could go see Jen and Eric. Well first we had to go Ikea and spend money amd then I wasn't feeling good so then we had to find a albertsons and get son sprite. And then on our way to Jen's... we go lost right away. We called Jen about five times in 10 mins. When we finally got in the right track we ran into trafic and we had to turn around and not go see Jen because we still had a long way to go. (Sorry Jen!) So then we were on our way again. Well we got tired and needless to say a little loopy. We played some strange games. We finally go to Vegas and fell asleep as soon as we got into the room. We made to San Diego at about 8 the next day.
Thursday was Family day it was a lot of fun. I was mostly excited to see Seth. They did a Moto run in the morning. That just means they ran past us. Then they did a thing called the liberty formation. And then they let them on Base Liberty. That meant that he could walk around the base with us. The branch on the base had lunch for us and did a little ceramony thing. Here are some pics from Family day.

The last four pictures are of the boys who were LDS in the Compony. They cut a cake with a sword. (a marine tradition) Then the oldest Marine (Seth) had to take a bite of the cake and deem it worthy. And then give the youngest a bite and then he deems it worthy. (another marine tradition)
Well, here are the pictures from the rest of the graduation. See if you can pick Seth out of the crowd! You can see him in the fourth picture.


Julie Randall said...

It was a fun trip.

Jen said...

Hope you had a fun trip! I adore the picture of you and Seth ready to kiss. It'd be really cute in black and white. You guys are a really cute couple.