Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seth's Gone to Boot Camp

So seth left for boot camp for the US Marine Corp yesterday. He had to stay at a hotel sunday night and the he spent all of yesterday morning at the Federal building. Then his flight was at two so I got to go to the air port to see him off. I got to talk to he a couple times yesterday. He called on his layover and when he got to the airport in San Deiago. And then when he was at the airport waiting for his ride he was on the computer sending messages to my phone! Then a little while later he got to the recruit depot and he got to call me from there and he got to say what they told him to say. (at the end he said "I love you" I don't think he was supposed to. He might have had to do push-ups for that one!)
He is going to be back in three months and he will officially be a US Marine! I will keep everyone updated!I am very sad that he is gone, but I am so proud of his decision to serve his country and make a better life for his family!

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